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  • Admission No(Alphanumeric and will be provided by you, Input Parameter)
  • Student Name: Autopopulated
  • Year of Admission: Autopopulated
  • Total Fee Due: Autopopulated and Editable(Sum of A+B+C+D+E)
  • Tuition Fee: Autopopulated and Editable
  • Hostel Fee: Autopopulated and Editable
  • Caution Deposit: Autopopulated and Editable
  • Library Fee: Autopopulated and Editable
  • Miscellaneous: Autopopulated and Editable
  • Remarks 1: To be entered by the payer
  • Remarks 2: To be entered by the payer


    Welcome to  Easypay Online on Axis Bank Easypay's Portal::ASRAM'S

    Proposed Process Flow for making Payment:

  • Axis Bank will provide a payment link after creation of the page.

  • Student can either visit your website and can be redirected to Axis Bank portal or student can directly visit Axis Bank Easypay online portal at

  • Student will enter his/her admission number(unique value for each student)

  • All the other details will be autopopulated

  • Student can check the details, edit/proceed with the displayed amount for final payment through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI and Rupay.

  • Axis Bank will give you a portal login to check the transaction status, download MIS and initiate refunds from the portal itself.

  • Axis Bank will also give MIS with the student details for the amount settled in your account.