ASRAM Medical College Library was spread in an area of 4000 square MT’s in four floors with 650 seating capacity. The library has collection of 24571 books. Sufficient number of Journals in various disciplines is available i.e. 75 Indian Journals and 59 Foreign Journals are accommodated in journal section of Central Library. In addition the Central Library 737 online Journals have access to Dr.N.T.R UHS E-Journals (NTRMEDNET) Programme from which all the journals of choice can be accessed. The Central Library has sufficient copies of relevant books to the section libraries.

The Library is fully Air-conditioned. The library also has Internet facilities with 60 Computers, CDs and Cassettes. It has Xerox facilities for staff and students. The library works throughout the year including Sundays and Public Holidays. On working days the library works round the clock. On Public holidays and Sundays Library works from 08.00 AM to 11.00 P.M.

The Library consists of different sections. Text book section, Reference section, Journal section Back volumes section and E-Library. Back volumes of all the journals in periodic lots are bound into single individual volumes.

Library provides services to Doctors of College and Hospital, students and non-teaching staff. The Library provides separate reading facilities to Staff, Residents, PGs as well as Undergraduate girls and boys.